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Renewal and New member Questions
Alan Childs


Everyone's membership fee covers the period from Jan 1st to Dec 31st. If you would like to renew your membership please send $50 and the completed Membership Renewal Form to:

Black Hills Prospecting Club
PO Box 9222
Rapid City, SD 57709

Please make your check or money order out to Black Hills Prospecting Club

Note:    We do not pro-rate the renew price, it is $50 any time through-out the year.
               Beginning for the 2025 membership year, the member/renewal fee will be $75, but will                remain $50 for those members 65 and over. The additional claim fund fee for new members first                year will remain unchanged at $100.

The Private BHPC claims in the 
Black Hills area are :
Garnet Area Claims - BF 1 - VSP 1 & 2 - Hanna #2

You MUST be a  CURRENT  BHPC member to prospect on these claims.


If You are not a current BHPC member and are caught prospecting on a private BHPC claim you will be arrested for mineral trespass! We have been working close with the Forrest Service, DNR, and local law enforcement to prospect according to the laws. Law enforcement is sent a monthly update of members that are allowed on the claims, if you are not on the list you will be detained and/or arrested. 
Mission Statement

The Black Hills Prospecting Club promotes and teaches responsible mining and prospecting practices and brings together individuals for the advancement and enhancement of prospecting. We will strive to cooperate with local community organizations, State, Federal, and local governing authorities to promote prospecting in an environmentally responsible manner, and will educate the youth of the community to prospect accordingly.
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“We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate.”
― Thomas Jefferson

Get Involved to Protect Your Rights

Write Your Legislators Today

​Mike Rounds - SD Senator
John Thune -SD Senator
Dusty Johnson - SD Representative
SD Legislature Email Contacts

John Borrasso - WY Senator
Cynthia Loomis - WY Senator
Harriet Hageman - WY Representative
WY Legislature Email Contacts
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!! Prospecting Law Alert !!

USFS Schedule of Proposed Action (SOPA)​

USFS proposed changes to 36 CFR 228 will change definitions of what is now permitted mining activities, and also place authority and regulation of the new definitions with the USFS. This will possibly allow the USFS to regulate the Mining Law of 1872 to the point where the activities granted by that law are no longer exercisable in a practical manner within any US National Forrest.

This SOPA is still in development and 
we need to periodically monitor this 
as it will be opened to public opinion 
later in 2020.

Remember to also contact your legislators through links provided to the right of this column, to voice your concerns.

Click below link for more info

Photos and Videos

July 2020                       Common Digs
YEP 2019                      August 2021
August 2019                  July 2023
June 2019

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Buddy List Updated!!
  June 26th, 2024
Custer Gold Discovery Days - Photos and Videos from the BHPC demonstrations!
July 2022
July 2023
Members and those interested in what the club is about....Don't miss the 
July Club Event of 2024 -- Custer Gold Discovery Days
Prospecting methods, demonstrations, and panning  

       When : Saturday July 20th, 2024 @ 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Burgers served for volunteer lunch)
                     Sunday July 21st, 2024 @ 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM 
        Where: French Creek City Park in Custer, SD Click map for directions
                     Just off of Washington and 2nd St West
      Setup and preparation volunteers should show up Friday @ 5:00PM at French Creek park  
      Club Meeting Saturday @ 5:00PM same place as demonstration right after demonstration hours.

   We are invited to participate in the
   reenactment of the initial gold 
   discovery event of the Custer 1874 
   expedition at the actual site 3 miles 
   east of Custer. More details to follow 
   on period attire, time and location to 
   be posted here and on Facebook. 

Past Annual Metal Detector Events
June 2021
September 2023