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If you have a message or something for sale, e-mail it to the correct club officer and we will get it posted on the right page.

Black Hills Prospecting Club 
of South Dakota
Our Club is a Non-Profit Organization.
We will be having meetings/outings at least once a month, and most of the get-to-gethers are held on the local
claims in the Black Hills, where we can do some prospecting and just have a good time.

Our outings are Pot-Luck so everyone brings something to eat or drink.
( NO Alcoholic Beverages PLEASE! )
As these are family oriented outings feel free to bring the whole family and any friends that are interested in prospecting and having lots of FUN !

We do like to see the kids finding some gold too!

If you would like to come to one of our Meetings / Outings there is no charge.

BHPC Memberships are available to any one, you don't have to live in South Dakota to be a member. The club has 4 claims and another we call the Garnet claims area that includes several claims. All are good for panning at different times through-out the year. We have a lot of members that would be happy to help get you started and show you around.

Meetings / Outings are usually the 3rd Saturday of every month. In the months where we can be outside we usually include a “Special Outing” like a Prospecting Dig or a Ghost Town tour the 1st Saturday of the month as well. These dates are posted on the website and in the monthly newsletter. 

Rules on bringing a Guest to the BHPC Private Claims are - Members can bring a guest but the guest can only use pans or the club members equipment (sluice, highbanker, dredge) but not their own.  After two times, the guest must become a member.

If you would like to use the club's private claims there is a one time fee of $100, this helps with our reclamation on the claims.

If you would like to get our newsletter it's $50 per year this includes ID Cards and also helps keep this website going.

Total for new members $150